Committees / Subgroups


  • Academics Committee:
    • The purpose of the academics committee is to work with the different departments within IRIM to ensure all graduate students in IRIM are treated fairly. Representatives can be from all involved departments. They will act as liaisons between IRIM and their departments, as well as help assemble academic guides for students, form reading groups, and organize student seminars throughout the year. This committee will also work to help form and support the new IEEE RAS GT Student Chapter.
  • Communications Committee:
    • The purpose of the Communications committee is to keep grad students in IRIM informed of upcoming events, opportunities, and news. Committee members will make flyers, send emails, write content for the RoboGrads website, and help update and maintain the RoboGrads members and alumni lists.
  • Outreach Committee:
    • The goal of the outreach committee is to work with the local community, especially K-12 students, to introduce them to robotics at Georgia Tech. Committee member activities may include giving outreach presentations, guiding hands-on activities with students, and assisting with tours for attendees of National Robotics Week and local conferences.​
  • Robotics Ph.D Committee:
    • The purpose of the Robotics PhD Program committee is to serve as a mediator between the graduate students in the Robotics PhD program and faculty, as a point of contact for academic inquiry, complaints, and suggestions for improvement for any matter regarding courses, qualifying exams, curriculum and other related topics.​
  • Social Committee:
    • The goal of the social committee is to encourage faculty-student interactions and organize activities outside of academic settings for students to interact. There are various subgroups within this committee such as RoboWomen, RoboGrads FC, and RoboGrads PC Gamers.​
  • Funds Development Committee:
    • The Funds Development committee will raise funds to support RoboGrads activities and the resources that RoboGrads provides to grad students involved in robotics research at GT. Members of this committee will seek funding for RoboGrads from faculty, alumni, and industry, and may also represent RoboGrads in requesting departmental funding.


  • Robowomen
    • The goal of the Robowomen subgroup is to network with the female students in the program and discuss relevant opportunities and challenges of being a female student. This serves as a platform for female students to voice relevant concerns if any.
  • ​RoboGrads FC
    • The goal of this subgroup is to recruit for the RoboGrads Soccer team, maintain it, and participate in the intramurals.
  • ​RoboGrads PC Gamers
    • The goal of this subgroup is to maintain a forum of PC gamers in the RoboGrads group and organize gaming competitions.